Newport Harbor Republican Women February Luncheon

"At this point, some conservatives have given up on bringing California back to its former glory – but Travis Allen has not given up, and he doesn’t want us to give up, either!

Assemblyman Travis Allen was first elected to the State Assembly in November of 2012 to represent Huntington Beach and north coastal Orange County. A strong advocate for lower taxes, strong borders, safe communities, and better schools, Allen is known for his conservative values, social media presence and inspirational speeches. Travis was named the Young Republican Legislator of the Year in 2013 and OC Republican Legislator of the Year in 2014, and led the largest volunteer force in the state in over 20 key races across California to elect more Republicans.

He currently has over 50,000 active volunteers in the Take Back California PAC.

Allen was a candidate for Governor in 2018, authored the original Repeal of the Gas Tax Initiative, and successfully sued the Attorney General in Superior Court. He is also a successful business owner and Certified Financial Planner, and has helped his clients manage their money since 1996. An avid surfer and family man, Travis is in the Guinness Book of World Records for riding the biggest surfboard ever (with 66 riders), and currently spends his time with his wife Arielle and two daughters, Charlotte and Caroline.

Travis feels passionately that California can and must be saved. That will happen by regaining power in the State Legislature, allowing Republicans to restore prosperity and freedom to California. Come and hear his plan for regaining the power that will enable us to save our once- glorious state! Ultimately, it will be up to all of us to stand strong and engage."


Fee is $40.00 for members, $50.00 for non-members. 


Payment must be received by Saturday, February 23rd. 

Make check payable to: NHRW

Mailing Adress: Gena Blount, 220 Newport Drive #11-367, Newport Beach, CA, 92660-7506

$40.00 USD
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