Youth Associates


  1. To promote the principles of the Republican Party among future voters

  2. To develop the potential leaders of the Republican Party for succeeding generations

  3. To establish a Youth Precinct Organization which will complement the Central Committee’s precinct organization


Members are high school and college students and young Republican voters. Active members of the Youth Associates are committed to promoting Republicanism through service and leadership.

Members are recruited from the entire county and “represent the assets, problems and peculiarities within Orange County from the standpoint of the Republican Youth.”


  1. Discussion of current events and problems confronting the Republican  Party and the United States.

  2. Study of America’s political system through speakers and readings.

  3. Active involvement in the political process, such as walking precincts, volunteering for campaigns or speaking to students to students on high school or college campuses.

  4. Encourage students to seek internships in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento.


Please contact the Youth Associate Chairman, Paula Prizio, for meeting times and event schedule.
Phone: 714-974-3985
Email: [email protected]